9 steps for the ideal customer journey

Customer behaviour has changed tremendously over the past decade. It is impossible to predict with the classic marketing funnel approach. The journey from orientation to procurement has become a whole different road. The blog post “What are buyer personas and how to develop them” described the benefits of buyer personas. You are reading part 3 of the series lead generation, about the customer journey, the basics of online marketing.

Meer klanten met de Easyleads Klantreis
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The customer and your brand: Love on first sight

We wish you many customers. You’ve probably heard that statement before. Getting new customers is easier said than done. There are many things you need to deal with before your website is found attractive and let alone customers to come to you to immediately purchase your offered goods or services.
If your business comes down to a stream of knocking and leaving customers, you should ask yourself whether your proposition is in order. Or worse, you aren’t attracting any customers with your site or e-commerce store at all? Then there’s definitely work to do!

Proposition to generate more leads
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Remarketing: persistence wins?

Get more out of your web or app traffic, who wouldn’t want that? This is possible by, among others, remarketing. This article is written for marketers and entrepreneurs. What can you expect? We’ll discuss these topics:
the definition of remarketing, the advantages of remarketing and the remarketing strategy.

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Lead generation trends 2017

The year 2017 is in full swing. Trump has entered the White House and won’t leave much of Obama’s legacy standing. Will the elections in the Netherlands, Germany and France push Europe into chaos? Will the EU fall apart? And will the populists back out?

In short: a lot of unpredictable dynamics. But what should you do as an entrepreneur or marketer to secure your business? Lead generation remains essential. No leaders, no business. Do you have some spare time? Then you should definitely read this blog post. Take a seat and get yourself a drink.

In this article I’ll discuss 10 trends regarding B2B lead generation. It’s not scientific research, but based on relevant sources supplemented with subjective perceptions of the undersigned. Whether my ideas on the matter will actually be realised in 2017, who knows. If you do, feel free to give me a heads-up . That’s the advantage of the crystal ball that is called the “future”.

leangeneration in 2017
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How to seduce customers with buyer personas?

In my previous blog post I explained the importance of a clear proposition to attract the right leads. Now I’d like to bring you along to part 2 of the series: lead generation for the B2B market. In this blog, I’ll discuss buyer personas. What are they and how do you create them? What are the obstacles while developing them and what do they offer you?

If you understand the love between your customer and company, you’ll become more effective with lead generation. You’ll then know how to seduce with information that is important to the client during the customer journey.

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Life is a pitch. Double your revenue with a flawless sales story.

As a freelancer you’re often invited to attend an interview for an interim job. Or you’ve come across a prospect while having a drink at a local bar. You hit it off with each other and may submit a proposal. Media agencies are also often asked to pitch, especially for large assignments. One seems to view pitching as a party, the other sees it as a trip straight to hell.

One thing is certain: pitching is the order of the day and is becoming increasingly important.

met pitch verdubbel je omzet
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Make your customers happy in the buyer journey

Thursday, May 26, I attended Emerce Digital Marketing Live. A day full of inspiration and knowledge. At the Beurs van Berlage, a motley crew of marketers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, freelancers and other marketing professionals gathered around. In the historic setting of the oldest stock exchange in the world – talking about commercialism – and I could feel the energy in the air.

Buyers Journey is hot volgens easyleads
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Google Analytics and business leads: It takes two to tango

Do you ask yourself the following as a marketer or entrepreneur? Where are the most valuable prospects? How can we seduce web visitors to enter their personal details? How does the Analytics dashboard provide us with a good image of our pipeline?

Summer is a great time to analyse your lead generation and Analytics configuration. After all, some things can always be improved. Get yourself ready and let’s go.

Generate leads, Google Analytics, B2B, online marketing
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50 milliseconds of truth

We’d rather not admit it. But we do judge a book by it’s cover. According to what he or she wears and a shop according to the window dressing. It’s in our nature and it’s very useful. In a world with endless choices and possibilities, a first impression is our way of filtering and making sure we don’t get swamped by information. This is definitely a challenge for lead generation. Because how do you get past this filter across to the people. How do you capture their attention/ keep them interested. Branding and lead generation go hand in hand and work as a team.

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Product of the World

Monday, 29th of September. A big day for EasyLeads. A powerful proposition has been converted into a clear brand. As of Friday, EasyLeads will be wearing a new jacket. A fitting logo, business cards, presentation material and a new website. All this in order to become an online magnet for clients (through social, search and inbound / contact marketing).

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