Approach & Pricing

The personalized EasyLeads approach in five steps

You are good in what you do. We do the leads. Save time, money and energy together with Easyleads. While you excel in your passion we deliver new and better customers in 5 steps.


Step 1

Proposal & strategy analysis: What do you have to offer, and to whom? How will you deliver?

Our starting point

Step 2

A look at your performance so far – how does it rate?

The customer

Step 3

Customer journey, persona description, conversion management – when is the right moment to convert which client?

Ready to move

Step 4

Set up Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter campaigns; carry out strategy.

Quantify and qualify

Step 5

Measure, assess, evaluate and adjust. If the goals aren’t achieved, repeat steps 1 through 5.

Every company deserves a unique approach

EasyLeads offers a range of options that includes:
  • Single consulting sessions
  • Monthly advice plan
  • Troubleshooting or one-time scan
  • Interim contracting
Get acquainted with the EasyLeads approach. Invest 15 minutes to tell us about your marketing operations, and you’ll receive a free consultation. Get started with EasyLeads and get started with growth. Click here

What size budgets can EasyLeads work with?

Experience shows that the EasyLeads system delivers best results for organisations
with out-of-pocket budgets starting at €5,000.